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A Comprehensive Review of the Top CRM Software for Commercial Real Estate Agents

 Real Estate Agents

In today's fast-paced real estate realm, powerful CRM software is no longer a luxury; it's a sheer necessity. The right tool can transform your real estate business into a well-oiled machine, facilitating a flurry of activities from tracking customer interactions and managing contacts to providing customer service. Given the vast array of CRM software available in the market, it can take much work to determine which one aligns best with your business needs.

Overview of CRM Software for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When you delve into the world of CRM software, you'll find myriad solutions tailored to support the unique workflows of commercial real estate agents. CRM platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Keap, Freshsales, Capsule, Thryv,, Pipedrive, and Zoho - each come with a unique set of features, pricing plans, and compatibility scope to fit the varying scales and scopes of your business.

Importance of Choosing the Best CRM Software for Real Estate Agents

Choosing the best CRM software has a profound impact on the way you conduct your business. It can mean the difference between missed opportunities and sealing the deal. The ideal CRM software allows you to:

  • Efficiently manage and track all your customer interactions
  • Streamline communication and workflow in your team
  • Stay on top of your deals, leads, and deadlines
  • Focus on creating strategies instead of being swamped with administrative tasks.

Choosing the best CRM software is paramount to leapfrog to the lead in today's competitive real estate market. The following sections will look at the top CRM real estate software. Stay tuned!

Top CRM Software for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Commercial real estate is fast-paced, highly competitive, and demands excellent organizational skills. That's why, for real estate agents, choosing CRM software to streamline their business processes is paramount. Let’s dive into a comprehensive review of the top CRM software in the market.


Salesforce is among the industry giants regarding CRM software, and with good reason!

Features and Benefits

Some of the key features of Salesforce include lead and contact management, opportunity management and deal progress, cloud-based applications, and highly customizable dashboards and reports. These features help real estate agents to have a 360-degree view of their clients, stay organized, and focus on closing deals. The fact that it’s cloud-based also means you can access it from virtually anywhere.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Salesforce allows for tracking property-related information such as type, price, location, and status of property listings. Also, with Salesforce Maps, agents can find geographical areas with the highest potential for new deals.

Pricing and plans

Salesforce offers a range of pricing plans, from $25 per user to $300 monthly.


ZenDesk is a popular CRM software that offers a robust customer service and engagement platform designed for businesses of all sizes.

Features and Benefits

ZenDesk offers multi-channel customer interaction (including email, phone, chat, and social media), task management, customer history, and performance reports. It makes it easy for real estate agents to provide top-notch service to their clients and quickly resolve any issues.

Real estate-specific functionalities

It offers customizable property trackers that allow agents to monitor and update the status of properties and efficiently manage property listings within the same space.

Pricing and plans

Zendesk provides different plans according to business requirements, starting from $49 per agent per month.


Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a CRM, sales, and marketing solution designed for small businesses.

Features and Benefits

Keap presents tools for capturing and managing leads, segmenting customers, sending professional email broadcasts, and understanding customers’ needs. Also, it has automation features that can save precious time for busy agents.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Keap allows real estate agents to track properties, manage contacts, and document all data related to clients and properties.

Pricing and plans

Keap offers three different plans, ranging from $40 monthly for Keap Grow to $100 monthly for Keap Pro.


Freshsales is an intuitive CRM software that is easy to use, and it’s designed to help businesses manage and nurture their customer relationships.

Features and Benefits

Freshsales offers AI-driven analytics, built-in phone and email, deal management, user behavior tracking, and more. With this CRM, real estate agents can gain valuable insights about their clients and deliver personalized service.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Freshsales provides a detailed view of properties by grouping related records, enabling agents to manage all their deals from one place.

Pricing and plans

Freshsales offers a freemium version, while the paid plans start from $12 per user per month, depending on the features required.


Capsule is another excellent CRM software, well-known for its clean, user-friendly interface and simplicity.

Features and Benefits

Capsule features include contact and task management, sales pipeline tracking, and customizable data fields. It helps real estate agents manage client relationships and stay organized without being overwhelmed by complex software.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Capsule lets you attach notes, conversations, docs, and files right next to the properties.

Pricing and plans

Capsule's pricing starts at $18 per user per month.


Thryv is an all-in-one management software designed to streamline businesses.

Features and Benefits

Thryv provides document storage, customer communication, appointment scheduling, social media management, and invoicing, amongst other features.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Thryv enables real estate agents to digitize and organize all property and client details in one place, making tracking and following up easy.

Pricing and plans

Thryv offers custom pricing based on business needs, and you should contact them directly for a quote. is a flexible platform that allows you to manage everything from one place.

Features and Benefits offers document management, time tracking, progress tracking, and more features. It's a visual tool that helps keep every detail related to business visually appealing and easy to use.

Real estate-specific functionalities enables tracking of all properties, their status, and factors like price, location, type, and associated contacts.

Pricing and plans offers several monthly plans, from $8 per person to custom enterprise pricing.


Pipedrive shines when it comes to sales management.

Features and Benefits

Pipedrive's primary features include deal and task management, contact management, and extensive email integration. It's a tool designed for salespeople by salespeople.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Pipedrive has property tracking, shows property history, and displays activities with timelines to keep real estate agents up-to-date.

Pricing and plans

Pipedrive offers a range of monthly plans from $12.50 to $99 per user.


Zoho is a fully integrated CRM software suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Features and Benefits

Zoho provides features like lead and contact management, purchase control, detailed analytics, and a customer support portal.

Real estate-specific functionalities

Real estate functionalities in Zoho include property management, mapping and tracking, visitor management, and deal closing.

Pricing and plans

Zoho's pricing plans start from $12 per user per month to $100 per user.

When choosing a CRM for your commercial real estate business, it's essential to consider your budget, the features that are most beneficial to your operations, and how user-friendly the system is. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and boost your bottom line. The investment in good CRM software is worth every penny!

Comparison Guide: Table of Comparison

We dive into our guide and outline each CRM software's strengths, costs, integrations, user feedback, and specific advantages for commercial real estate agents.

Critical features compared across CRM software

When considering CRM software, the key features are the backbone of any platform. Here's a comparison of these key features:

CRM\Features Pricing and Plans Integration Options User Reviews and Ratings Real Estate-Specific Functionalities
Salesforce Custom pricing Extensive integrations 4.2/5 Customizable for real estate use
Zendesk Starting at $19/user/month Numerous integrations 4.2/5 Customizable for real estate use
Keap Starting at $79/month Limited integrations 4.1/5 Limited real estate features
Freshsales Starting at $12/user/month Integrates with popular apps 4.4/5 Real estate CRM features
Capsule Starting at $18/user/month Integrates with third-party tools 4.5/5 Limited real estate features
Thryv Custom pricing Integrations available 4.1/5 Customizable for real estate use Starting at $8/user/month Integrates with third-party apps 4.7/5 Customizable for real estate use
Pipedrive Starting at $12.50/user/month Extensive integrations 4.3/5 Customizable for real estate use
Zoho Starting at $14/user/month Extensive integrations 4.3/5 Customizable for real estate use

Summary of the Top CRM Software for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Bringing this comprehensive review to an end, we applaud the robust features and customer-centric approach of each of the top CRM software for commercial real estate agents we analyzed:

  • Salesforce is a leading name known for its flexibility, advanced analytics, and outsized third-party app marketplace.
  • Zendesk, another big name, offers versatility and a strong focus on improving customer relationships.
  • Keap is known for its easy-to-use platform, which caters to small businesses.
  • Freshsales doesn't hold back in providing comprehensive sales tools with a user-friendly design.
  • Capsule is a reliable platform that focuses on strong customer relationship building.
  • Thryv offers software that combines various necessary tools for easy management.
  • and Pipedrive are great for sales team coordination and lead tracking.
  • Zoho provides a robust, affordable option that doesn’t fall short in the features department.

Tips for Selecting the Best CRM Software For Your Real Estate Business

When you choose CRM software, consider your company's specific needs. Consider the software's ease of use, cost, integration capabilities, customization options, and potential for future growth. To ensure that you're making a successful decision that will carry your company into the future, you can implement a trial period with a selected software to test it before making a total commitment.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of CRM Software for Real Estate Agents

CRM software is a critical tool for any successful real estate agent. It not only streamlines operations and boosts productivity but also inherently improves client relationships by tracking and managing all client interactions and data. It provides a comprehensive platform from which you can manage every aspect of your business — from lead generation and management to closing deals. For commercial real estate agents, investing in CRM software is an intelligent move toward a more efficient and profitable business.