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Rippling vs Paycor: Which Payroll Tool Choose in 2024?

Rippling vs. Paycor

Rippling and Paycor, Inc are cloud software development companies that offer international payroll processing and personnel management capabilities. In this review, we will compare them to help you decide which global payroll software is the right choice for your business.

What is Payroll Software?

Human Resources (HR) management tools, such as payroll calculation software, streamline the process of managing compensation by automating payment to employees. This software tracks attendance, vacation usage by HR specialists, and calculates employee salaries to generate monthly payment statements.

The application of payroll calculation software helps companies save time and avoid calculation errors, ensuring the effective implementation of wage payment requirements, satisfied employees, and business development optimization.

Using payroll calculation software can bring many benefits, regardless of the size of your company. However, choosing the optimal payroll calculation software depends on several factors. The proper payroll calculation system for your business needs to be reliable, customizable, and adaptable to your organization's scaling needs. But how much will it cost? Below is a breakdown of expenses for payroll calculation software, including pricing models and hidden costs.

What is Rippling?

Founded in 2016, Rippling has established a strong position in the field of personnel management. The company is based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Rippling, founded in 2016, is an HR management solution. The company's headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, USA, and was founded by Parker Conrad and Prasanna Sankar. Rippling has a total of $1.2 billion in funding across 6 rounds, with key investors including Green Oaks, Bedrock Capital, and Sequoia Capital. Currently, the company is valued at a staggering $11.25 billion.

Offering comprehensive HR employee management solutions, Rippling provides seamless management and IT consulting under one roof.

Rippling offers a single database for global workforce management with easy access. Analyze, manage, automate, and create customized solutions according to your needs with Rippling.

Companies can implement policies for personnel, financial, and IT management to achieve the best results for their investments.


Rippling is known for its payroll calculation software, which allows you to calculate payroll in just 90 seconds in over 50 countries. It automatically calculates and files taxes to ensure compliance for your business, and includes a mobile app for employees to access their pay stubs and tax forms on the go. Additionally, it features a comprehensive library of payroll data report templates to help you quickly understand analytics.

Rippling offers even more HR management features, including time and attendance tracking, built-in training management, an integrated applicant tracking system, and an employee survey tool called Pulse.

Work with over 500 integrations on the platform and enjoy smooth workflow management with easy document control.

Rippling Key Features

Single Directory

Centralize your company's information management with Rippling's Single Directory feature. Easily access and manage all aspects of your workforce from one intuitive dashboard. Whether it's employee profiles, contact information, or organizational charts, everything you need is at your fingertips. Say goodbye to scattered data and welcome streamlined operations with Rippling's Single Directory.

Electronic Document Workflow

Streamline your document management process with Rippling's Electronic Document Workflow. Create, file, and distribute documents effortlessly within seconds. From employee contracts to compliance forms, Rippling's intuitive interface makes document handling a breeze. With advanced features for version control and automated notifications, stay on top of your document workflow with Rippling.

Mobile App

Stay connected and productive on the go with Rippling's Mobile App. Access essential HR functions and employee information from your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Whether you're approving time-off requests or checking payroll details, Rippling's Mobile App ensures you're always in control, even when you're away from your desk.

Workflow Automation

Boost efficiency and productivity with Rippling's Workflow Automation capabilities. Seamlessly integrate with your existing software ecosystem and automate repetitive tasks with ease. From onboarding new hires to managing employee benefits, Rippling's automation tools simplify complex processes, freeing up time for strategic initiatives and business growth.

Custom Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your workforce with Rippling's Custom Reporting feature. Create tailored reports and analytics to track key metrics and performance indicators. Whether you need detailed payroll breakdowns or employee engagement trends, Rippling's customizable reporting tools empower you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

500+ Integrations

Expand the capabilities of Rippling with over 500 integrations to popular third-party applications. Seamlessly connect with your favorite tools and services, from accounting software to project management platforms. With a wide range of integrations available, Rippling ensures compatibility and flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

Specialized Workflow Templates

Kickstart your workflow optimization journey with Rippling's Specialized Workflow Templates. Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates tailored to common HR, IT, and finance processes. Whether you're streamlining employee onboarding or managing IT asset requests, Rippling's templates provide a solid foundation for efficiency and consistency.

Centralized Policy Implementation

Ensure compliance and consistency across your organization with Rippling's Centralized Policy Implementation feature. Create and enforce HR, IT, and financial policies from a central platform, ensuring alignment with company objectives and regulatory requirements. With centralized policy management, Rippling helps you maintain control and mitigate risk effectively.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock actionable insights into your workforce with Rippling's Advanced Analytics tools. Consolidate data from various sources and generate comprehensive reports and visualizations. Whether you're analyzing employee performance or identifying workforce trends, Rippling's advanced analytics capabilities empower you to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives.

Registration and Approval

Streamline your talent acquisition process with Rippling's Registration and Approval feature. Simplify candidate registration, interview scheduling, and offer approvals with automated workflows. From job postings to employee onboarding, Rippling ensures a seamless and efficient hiring process, helping you attract and retain top talent.

What is Paycor, Inc?

Paycor is a cloud-based HR platform equipped with essential tools for modernizing personnel management tasks such as recruitment, training, development, and leave management.

In short, Paycor provides a comprehensive solution for payroll management, personnel management, time and attendance tracking, all on a unified platform.

Paycor not only functions as a payroll processing platform but also serves as a full-fledged Human Capital Management (HCM) solution for small businesses. Even the basic plan includes automated payroll calculations, a mobile app for employees and managers, as well as specialized reporting. Additionally, it provides new hire reporting and automatically files tax reports. With higher-tier plans, you gain access to additional benefits, HR management tools, and compliance support.

Paycor is a publicly-traded HR company that has raised over $250 million and serves over 2 million users. It's more than just a payroll processing service as it offers support in various areas crucial to the HR department. You can add functionality for benefits administration, time tracking, career and talent development.


One of the reasons why Paycor is the choice for small businesses in payroll processing is because they offer multiple paid plans, making them a scalable solution. The ability for unlimited payroll calculations is useful when processing other forms of payments or making one-time payouts. The employee self-service system reduces the HR department's workload and provides employees with more opportunities to independently choose benefits, request time off, and view pay stubs. The ability for on-demand pay isn't always available in payroll processing services, so choosing Paycor is a valuable advantage.

Paycor, Inc Key Features

Employee Database

Paycor's employee database serves as the cornerstone for effective human resource management. By centralizing employee information, it provides HR professionals with easy access to vital data such as contact details, employment history, performance reviews, and training records. This organized repository ensures that personnel information is always up-to-date and readily available for decision-making processes, fostering a streamlined and efficient HR workflow.

Payroll Management

Paycor's payroll management feature simplifies the complex task of payroll processing, ensuring precision, punctuality, and adherence to regulatory requirements. With intuitive interfaces and automated calculations, payroll administrators can confidently handle tasks such as wage calculation, tax deductions, and direct deposits. Additionally, Paycor's built-in compliance checks help mitigate the risk of payroll errors and regulatory non-compliance, providing peace of mind to HR professionals.

Benefits Administration

Managing employee benefits can be a daunting task, but Paycor's benefits administration feature simplifies the process by providing structured tools for benefit enrollment, modification, and tracking. From health insurance plans to retirement contributions, HR administrators can efficiently manage employee benefit programs, track eligibility status, and communicate benefit options to employees. This streamlined approach enhances employee satisfaction and ensures that personnel receive the benefits they deserve in a timely manner.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Accurate tracking of employee work hours, overtime, and attendance is essential for effective workforce management, and Paycor's time and attendance tracking feature provides the tools needed to accomplish this task efficiently. Through user-friendly interfaces and advanced reporting capabilities, HR professionals can monitor employee attendance patterns, identify trends, and enforce attendance policies with ease. Paycor's real-time tracking capabilities also enable supervisors to make informed decisions regarding scheduling and resource allocation, optimizing operational efficiency.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruitment is a critical aspect of HR management, and Paycor's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines the hiring process from start to finish. With features for job posting, candidate screening, and interview scheduling, HR professionals can efficiently manage the recruitment pipeline and identify top talent quickly. Paycor's ATS also offers robust analytics and reporting tools, allowing organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize their hiring processes.


Effective employee onboarding and training are essential for maximizing workforce productivity and engagement, and Paycor's training feature provides the tools needed to deliver comprehensive training programs seamlessly. From interactive e-learning modules to compliance training courses, HR professionals can create customized training plans tailored to the needs of individual employees or departments. Paycor's training feature also offers tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to monitor employee progress and ensure compliance with training requirements.

Performance Management

Setting clear performance goals and providing regular feedback are crucial for employee development and retention, and Paycor's performance management feature facilitates this process effectively. Through goal setting tools, performance reviews, and feedback mechanisms, HR professionals can collaborate with employees to establish meaningful objectives and track progress over time. Paycor's performance management feature also provides actionable insights and analytics, enabling organizations to identify high performers, address performance gaps, and support employee growth and development initiatives.

Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven decision-making is essential for effective HR management, and Paycor's reporting and analytics feature provides the tools needed to generate actionable insights from HR data. With customizable reporting templates and advanced analytics capabilities, HR professionals can analyze key metrics such as employee turnover rates, compensation trends, and workforce demographics to inform strategic decision-making processes. Paycor's reporting and analytics feature also offers real-time dashboards and visualizations, allowing organizations to monitor HR performance and track progress towards organizational goals effectively.

Workflow Automation

Streamlining HR processes and reducing administrative burden are key priorities for HR professionals, and Paycor's workflow automation feature helps accomplish these objectives efficiently. By automating repetitive tasks such as employee onboarding, performance evaluations, and benefits enrollment, HR professionals can save time, minimize errors, and focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth. Paycor's workflow automation feature also offers integration capabilities with third-party systems, enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability across the organization's HR ecosystem.

Compliance Management

Staying compliant with labor laws and regulations is critical for mitigating risk and avoiding costly penalties, and Paycor's compliance management feature provides the tools and resources needed to achieve this goal effectively. From automated compliance checks and audit trails to regulatory updates and documentation management, HR professionals can ensure that their organization remains compliant with changing legal requirements. Paycor's compliance management feature also offers customizable alerts and notifications, helping organizations stay informed about upcoming deadlines and regulatory changes that may impact their HR operations.

Rippling vs Paycor, Inc: Comparison Chart



Paycor, Inc

Payroll Management

Comprehensive payroll processing, tax filing, direct deposits

Automated payroll processing, tax compliance, direct deposit

HR Management

Employee data management, document storage, time-off tracking

Employee data management, performance tracking, benefits admin.

Benefits Administration

Enrollment, plan management, compliance tracking

Enrollment, eligibility tracking, plan management

Time and Attendance

Time tracking, scheduling, leave management

Time tracking, scheduling, leave management


Customizable workflows, document signing, task automation

Automated workflows, compliance tracking, document management

Performance Management

Goal setting, performance reviews, feedback collection

Goal setting, performance reviews, feedback collection

Applicant Tracking System

Job posting, candidate screening, interview scheduling

Job requisition management, candidate sourcing, interview coord.

Employee Self-Service

Update personal information, view pay stubs, request time off

Access payroll info, update personal details, request time off

Mobile App

iOS and Android apps for on-the-go access

Mobile app for payroll, timekeeping, and HR information


Extensive third-party software integrations

Select third-party integrations


Quote-based, customizable plans

Quote-based, customizable plans

Customer Support

24/7 support via phone, email, live chat

Dedicated account managers, customer support

Ease of Use

Intuitive UI, easy setup

User-friendly interface


Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes


Ensures compliance with regulations

Helps maintain compliance with regulations


Robust reporting capabilities

Reporting tools and analytics dashboards

Main Differences Between Rippling vs Paycor, Inc

Rippling and Paycor are both prominent Payroll Tools, but they diverge in several key aspects. Rippling stands out with its comprehensive suite of HR, IT, and operations tools, offering seamless integration across various functions like payroll, benefits administration, and employee onboarding.

Its focus on automation and streamlining processes appeals to rapidly growing businesses seeking efficiency. On the other hand, Paycor emphasizes robust payroll and HR solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs, prioritizing user-friendly interfaces and customizable features. While Rippling targets broader organizational needs, Paycor's strength lies in its specialized HR and payroll functionalities. Ultimately, the choice between Rippling and Paycor depends on the specific requirements and priorities of the organization, whether it's holistic integration or specialized HR support.

Similarities Between Rippling vs Paycor, Inc

Rippling and Paycor share several similarities despite their differences in focus and approach. Both platforms are designed to streamline HR and payroll processes, offering comprehensive solutions to businesses of varying sizes. They provide tools for managing employee data, processing payroll, administering benefits, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Additionally, both Rippling and Paycor prioritize user experience, aiming to simplify complex tasks through intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features. Furthermore, both platforms emphasize the importance of data security and compliance, implementing measures to safeguard sensitive information and adhere to industry standards. Overall, while Rippling and Paycor may differ in certain aspects, their shared commitment to enhancing HR and payroll operations makes them viable options for businesses seeking efficient workforce management solutions.

Rippling vs Paycor, Inc: What to choose in 2024?

In 2024, choosing between Rippling and Paycor depends largely on your specific business needs and priorities. Rippling offers a comprehensive suite of HR, IT, and operations tools, making it an excellent choice for rapidly growing businesses seeking automation and integration across various functions. Its seamless onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration appeal to organizations looking for efficiency and scalability.

On the other hand, Paycor specializes in payroll and HR solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs, with user-friendly interfaces and customizable features. If your primary focus is on holistic integration and streamlined processes, Rippling may be the preferred option. However, if you prioritize specialized HR and payroll functionalities with a focus on simplicity and customization, Paycor could be the better fit.

Ultimately, evaluating the specific features, pricing, and support offered by each platform will help you make the best decision for your business in 2024.